Should You Buy the Denver Mile High Culture Pass?

If you are planning to take trip to Denver, CO and want to check out some of its museums, the botanic gardens, and/or the zoo, the cheapest way to do so may be to purchase the Mile High Culture Pass for $30. But will you actually save money by buying the pass instead of paying at each of the individual attractions and if so, how much?

What is included in the culture pass?

The Mile High Culture Pass grants you access to 7 places over a 3-day period (starting from first use). If you were to visit each of these places individually, you can expect to pay the following ticket prices (as an adult; there may be discounts for students, senior, military, etc.):

The total for a non-Colorado resident adult visiting all 7 locations is $91.45. That means the $30 pass can save you up to $61.45 (or around 67%).

If you are planning to visit (almost) all of the locations above within a 3-day time period, there is no question that you should buy the Mile High Culture Pass.

What if you don’t want to go to all 7?

Using the data above, you can also easily calculate whether visiting just the 3-4 locations you are interested in will add up to more than $30. Generally, the pass is not worth it if visiting only 2 areas, unless they are the museum of nature & science and the zoo.

Keep in mind that the visits must also be done over a consecutive 3-day period, so if you can’t carve out that much time in your schedule, it would be better to not get the pass.

Finally, the culture pass includes a few other discount benefits as well to take into consideration if you plan on using any of these services:

Have you used the Mile High Culture Pass to explore Denver? Did you find that it was worth the price? Let us know in the comments below!

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